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Dairy Business Association

August 1, 2016


The Dairy Business Association (DBA), which was created in 1999 and is based in Green Bay, is run by agri-business and large dairy interests that support looser agriculture and environmental regulations and enforcement. The group is backed by dozens of wealthy special interest sponsors that have contributed more than $2.1 million to statewide and legislative candidates, including more than $710,000 to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in recent years.

Those sponsors (Table) include big-name law firms, banking, energy, and large agri-business interests, like Foley and Lardner, Alliant Energy, American Foods Group, BMO Harris Bank, Cargill, Merck, and Monsanto.

The DBA’s backers give it considerable political clout that helps it move a lobbying agenda, which includes legislative bills and state rules to loosen land use, high-capacity well, wetland, groundwater protection, and factory farm regulations and enforcement. Factory farms are formally called concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and house several hundred or thousands of cows, hogs, chickens and turkeys.

In a February 2016 opinion piece about controversial legislation to ease state oversight of high-capacity wells, which did not pass, DBA lobbyist John Holevoet wrote: “Our ready access to fresh water gives Wisconsin a competitive advantage in attracting new farms and other businesses that rely on water. We should be promoting this advantage, not regulating it out of existence.”

The DBA, which spent $179,045 on lobbying in 2015, employs five lobbyists, including Bill McCoshen, a prominent State Capitol lobbyist who was chief of staff to former longtime GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson. In the last full 2013-14 legislative session, the DBA spent nearly $304,000 on lobbying state policymakers.

In addition to lobbying on proposed state policy and spending, media reports as far back as 2010 show the DBA has met directly with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to change the way the agencies site, permit and regulate factory farms. Such ready access by a large corporate interest has raised questions about the DNR’s independence from both inside and outside the agency. “This particular lobbying group has been able to elbow its way into the higher levels of the regulatory agency. That kind of access is unprecedented,” Jamie Saul, a former Midwest Environmental Advocates attorney, said in a March 2010 media report.

Earlier this summer, the DBA met with the DNR after Walker’s office gave the DBA and other farm industry groups proposed rules drawn up by the agency to restrict manure spreading by factory farms.  Shortly after its meeting with the DBA, the DNR reduced the scope of the proposed rules, which govern how and where manure could be spread.  Walker then approved the looser rules, which are scheduled for consideration by the DNR Board at its Aug. 3 meeting.

The families of seven of the DBA’s 10-member board of directors own factory farms, including the group’s president, Gordon Speirs, owner of Shiloh Dairy in Brillion. Early last month, heavy rains washed thousands of gallons of manure from Shiloh Dairy into Plum Creek. The creek runs into the Fox River in northern Calumet County. The DNR said Shiloh Dairy may face enforcement action from the manure runoff. Both Calumet and Kewaunee counties have a large number of factory farms. Nearly a third of wells tested in Kewaunee County last year were so contaminated that the water isn’t safe to drink.

The DBA’s lobbying activities are just one part of its political arsenal. The group operates a conduit, which delivered $63,340 in large individual contributions to legislative and statewide candidates between January 2005 and December 2015. Some of the campaign cash came from the group’s sponsors as well as other factory farm owners, and agri-business and construction interests. Conduits are legal check-bundling operations often run by lobbyists and special interest groups that collect contributions from individuals, bundle them together and deliver one large check to a candidate.

The DBA’s conduit contributions supported Democratic and GOP legislative and statewide candidates, but substantially more went to Republicans – about $48,300 versus about $15,000. The top recipients of DBA conduit contributions were Republican Gov. Scott Walker, $8,740; former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, $3,450; and former GOP state representative and lieutenant governor candidate Brett Davis, $3,300.

The top individual contributors through the DBA conduit were Dean Doornink, of Baldwin, owner of Jon-De-Farm, $4,000; John Vrieze, of the Town of Emerald, owner of Emerald Dairy, $3,800; and Mark Mashlan, of Kaukauna, an executive with Fox Structures, $2,875.

The group’s annual conventions have drawn heavy hitters from both parties. Walker and GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos addressed the DBA’s most recent 2016 annual convention, and Doyle spoke at its 2008 state meeting.

In addition to the individual contributions through the group’s conduit, the DBA also contributed $35,900 in three contributions in 2014 to the Republican Governors Association’s (RGA) 527 group. The RGA spends several millions of dollars each year to support GOP candidates for governor across the country. In 2014, the RGA’s state political action committee spent nearly $4 million on mostly negative broadcast ads to support Walker’s successful reelection. 527 groups are tax-exempt political nonprofit groups that are named after the U.S. Internal Revenue Service code that governs them. These organizations, which are run by powerful business and other special interests, can accept and spend unlimited amounts of unregulated contributions on electioneering activities.

Individual and Political Action Committee Contributions
by Staff and Sponsors of the Dairy Business Association
to GOP Gov. Scott Walker and All Legislative and Statewide Candidates
January 2010 – December 2015

DBA Sponsor or Staff Gov. Scott Walker All Candidates
Foley & Lardner $141,043 $452,044
Michael, Best & Friedrich $85,745 $334,605
Alliant Energy $40,780 $317,200
Wisconsin Public Service $110,406 $259,573
Whyte, Hirschboeck & Dudek $58,931 $198,277
Klondike Cheese Factory $65,500 $123,850
American Foods Group $29,700 $65,950
BMO Harris Bank $23,091 $57,063
Schenck & Associates $17,210 $37,140
Monsanto $10,950 $34,000
Wieser Concrete $8,950 $25,900
Orion Energy Systems $6,750 $21,365
Aring Equipment $2,750 $15,762
Rural Mutual Insurance $1,278 $14,008
Gordon Speirs, DBA president, and Catherine, Shiloh Dairy $12,250 $13,500
Secura Insurance $1,250 $12,430
Jerry Meissner (DBA Board) and Diane, Norm-E-Lane $9,250 $10,725
LDS Inc. $10,000 $10,000
Animart $8,150 $9,400
Cargill and Cargill Animal Nutrition $6,929 $8,429
Investors Community Bank $1,096 $7,735
Quality Liquid Feeds $5,000 $7,250
Fox Structures $7,000 $7,000
Belgioioso Cheese $3,250 $5,200
Keller Inc. $3,175 $4,800
Grande Cheese $3,860 $4,660
Mike North (DBA Board) and Jennifer, Commodity Risk Management Group $1,000 $3,950
AgStar Financial Services $1,500 $3,925
Ansay & Associates $1,910 $3,860
VITA Plus Corp. $3,400 $3,750
Landmark Services Cooperative $2,476 $3,676
KSI Inc. $2,500 $3,500
Accelerated Genetics $2,578 $3,478
Foremost Farms $1,730 $3,230
Dairy Business Association $700 $2,550
Michael Gerrits (DBA Board) Country Aire Farms $2,500 $2,500
Ecolab $928 $2,328
Troy’s Transport $2,250 $2,250
Saputo Cheese $1,200 $2,200
Komro Sales & Services $1,550 $2,050
Vets Plus $0 $2,000
Zoetis $2,000 $2,000
Semex $1,950 $1,950
DuPont (a DuPont subsidiary is a DBA sponsor) $1,175 $1,925
Merck $1,550 $1,650
GHD Inc. $250 $1,250
Hampel Corp. (a Hampel subsidiary is a DBA sponsor) $150 $1,200
Badgerland Financial $200 $1,200
Cornette Farm Supply $1,050 $1,150
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals $0 $1,090
Nutriad Inc. $250 $1,000
Roach & Associates $950 $950
J. Jaden Inc. $0 $850
Bayland Buildings $500 $700
Forest Construction $320 $570
Diamond V $550 $550
Nutrition Service Co. $550 $550
Family Insurance Center $500 $500
Hastings Mutual Insurance $0 $500
GEA Farm Technologies $0 $300
GPS Dairy Consulting $300 $300
BouMatic $0 $250
NorthStar Cooperative $250 $250
Lloyd (DBA Board) & Daphne Holterman Rosy Lane Holsteins $0 $250
Alta Genetics $0 $200
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association $0 $200
Darlington Dairy Supply $0 $200
Professional Dairy Services $100 $200
Twohig, Rietbrock, et al $0 $150
GreenStone Farm Credit Services $150 $150
Agri-King $100 $100
Elanco Animal Health $100 $100
TOTALS $713,461 $2,125,348
Influence Peddlers

Influence Peddlers

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