Governor Calls Special Session

Email date: 11/30/07

Governor Jim Doyle today called a special session of the Legislature for December 11 to act on campaign finance reform.

The Democracy Campaign has been urging the governor to take this step for a very long time, and we have repeatedly made it clear that we feel reform will not happen without leadership from the governor and his active engagement on this issue. We applaud his willingness to call the special session.

The broad outline of what the governor is proposing to the Legislature is promising, but of course the devil is always in the details, so we will reserve judgment until we are able to thoroughly review draft legislation.

There is no agreement that has been reached between the governor and lawmakers, so there is unquestionably some risk involved with this special session. There is certainly no guarantee that the Legislature will approve meaningful reform. But the governor’s call for a special session puts the Legislature on the spot, and will force the Legislature either to act or walk away from campaign finance reform. If lawmakers walk away, they will have to come to terms with a public that is increasingly fed up with their act.

Overall, we are obviously pleased by today’s announcement and believe this is a positive development. But we won’t be excited until we see dry ink on a signed piece of very good reform legislation.


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