Another Attack on Campaign Disclosure

Email date: 2/3/12

In this update:
1. Hearing to be held Monday on second anti-disclosure bill
2. Can we imagine a new kind of politics?
3. Citizens United’s offspring


Hearing to be held Monday on second anti-disclosure bill
Another attack on campaign finance disclosure is coming. First it was legislation introduced in the state Senate to blind the public to the financial interests of donors who give to candidates for state office that the Democracy Campaign roundly condemned. Now the lower house is getting into the act too. An Assembly committee is holding a public hearing Monday on a bill that aims to roll back what little disclosure there currently is of corporate-funded interest group campaigning. The legislation also prohibits any future rulemaking requiring disclosure of corporate electioneering. The Democracy Campaign will testify in opposition.


Can we imagine a new kind of politics?
The Democracy Campaign’s director gave the keynote speech at Wednesday’s People’s Legislature citizen assembly. The Capital Times was there to cover the event, which also got a brief mention on the evening television news. Another station focused on the unlevel playing field in the upcoming recall election for governor.


Citizens United’s offspring
The New York Times takes a serious look at how the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the infamous Citizens United case is disfiguring American democracy. Humorist Stephen Colbert’s take on the subject is decidedly tongue in cheek but packs an even greater wallop.


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