Anti-Democracy Bill on Fast Track

Email date: 5/31/13

In this update:
1. Quick public hearing rumored for “Govern Without Public Support Act”
2. Appeals court rules voter ID law constitutional; other legal challenges still block policy


Quick public hearing rumored for “Govern Without Public Support Act”
Word out of the Capitol is that a state Assembly committee will hold a public hearing next Tuesday on yet-to-be-introduced legislation that restricts voting rights while enhancing special interest influence over elections, with a committee vote on the bill coming later next week.

The draft legislation was quietly circulated by its author, Greendale Republican Jeff Stone, to other legislators last Friday afternoon as the long Memorial Day weekend commenced. The bill seeks to resuscitate controversial voter ID requirements, shortens the time allowed for early voting but allows more time for lobbyists to make campaign donations, removes the prohibition on corporate election spending from state law while adding a loophole to the law allowing interest groups to avoid disclosing their election campaigning, and limits the public’s right to recall elected officials, among many other changes.

For more on what this legislation does and why it is being pushed so hard, so fast and so surreptitiously, check out the latest entry on our Big Money Blog.

As soon as official notice of a public hearing is provided and the date, time and location are confirmed, we will follow up with another e-lert. Plan on coming to the Capitol on Tuesday if you can. If you cannot make it to the hearing, please take the time to call or email members of the committee to express opposition to this legislation known for the time being by its drafter’s notation, LRB 1763.

Members of the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee include:

Kathleen Bernier, chair ( 608-266-9172 or toll-free 888-534-0068
Don Pridemore, vice chair ( 608-267-2367 or 888-534-0022
Jeremy Thiesfeldt ( 608-266-3156 or 888-529-0052
Chad Weininger ( 608-266-5840 or 888-534-0004
Travis Tranel ( 608-266-1170 or 888-872-0049
David Craig ( 608-266-3363 or 888-534-0083
JoCasta Zamarripa ( 608-267-7669 or 888-534-0008
Fred Kessler ( 608-266-5813 or 888-534-0012
Terese Berceau ( 608-266-3784


Appeals court rules voter ID law constitutional, but policy remains blocked
Yesterday a state appeals court declared Wisconsin’s voter ID law constitutional, overturning a lower court decision that the law unconstitutionally interferes with the right to vote. A court injunction continues to prevent enforcement of the law, however, as a legal challenge in another state appeals court as well as lawsuits in two different federal courts still are pending.


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