What Killing Democracy Looks Like

Email date: 6/3/13

In this update:
1. Public hearing on anti-democracy legislation tomorrow
2. An empty vessel


Public hearing on anti-democracy legislation tomorrow
The elections bill we're calling the “Govern Without Public Support Act” has been introduced as Assembly Bill 225 and will receive a public hearing tomorrow at 10 a.m.

The Democracy Campaign will testify in opposition to this legislation, which picks up where the Legislature's redistricting plan left off.

Please join us tomorrow in speaking out against this sweeping assault on democracy. If you are unable to attend tomorrow's hearing, please contact members of the committee to express opposition to AB 225.


An empty vessel
If you have a growing feeling that modern politics is a vessel that ain't carrying much of anything useful, you are not alone. And you have good reason to feel as you do.

If politicians would spend half as much time raising hell for social and economic justice as they do raising money for the next election, our society would be in far better shape. If they'd spend half as much time watching out for their constituents as they do watching polls or watching their own backsides, that growing feeling you are experiencing would subside.


Spread the word by sending this message to people you know. To support the Democracy Campaign’s efforts to make people matter more than money, go here.



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