Hijacking Campaign 2018

Independent Expenditures - Candidates

December 12, 2017

Candidates in the 2018 Supreme Court and special elections.

Click on a candidate's name to see any independent expenditures reported as explicitly for or against a particular candidate. Click on the office link to see all independent expenditures spent on that office if any.

Candidate Party Office
Burns, Tim W Non-Partisan Supreme Court
Calabrese, John Rocco Democrat Senate District 10
Corriea, Brian Libertarian Senate District 10
Dallet, Rebecca Frank Non-Partisan Supreme Court
Degenhardt, Dennis Donald Democrat Assembly District 58
Gundrum, Rick Republican Assembly District 58
Herfindahl, Reuben Helge Democrat Senate District 10
Jarchow, Adam Republican Senate District 10
Koehler, Tiffany Republican Assembly District 58
Neubauer, Greta Democrat Assembly District 66
Schachtner, Patricia Nancy Democrat Senate District 10
Screnock, Michael Non-Partisan Supreme Court
Stanek, Steven Republican Assembly District 58
Tate, John II Democrat Assembly District 58
Zimmerman, Shannon Republican Senate District 10
Zimmerman, Spencer Republican Assembly District 58