Legislative Developments

From this page you can access WDC press releases and other documents pertaining to various legislative proposals that have had an impact on democracy in Wisconsin over the years.




Walker signs bill to stack constitutional convention (AB165/SB107)

Senate to vote on GOP bills for constitutional convention (AJR20, AJR21)

“Marsy’s Law” has constitutional flaw (AJR47/SJR53)

WDC testimony before Senate committee in oppostion to ‘riot’ bills (SB303, 304, 305)

“Riot bill” amended, still flawed (AB395)

Democrats offer bill to increase Wisconsin Elections Commission staff (LRB-4363)

WDC testimony before Assembly committee opposing ‘riot’ bill (AB395)

WDC testimony opposing bill to eliminate state rules (SB295)

Walker approves WMC, Koch-backed anti-regulation bill (SB15--2017 Wis Act 57)

Democrats want more disclosure by electioneering groups (SB375)

WDC opposes more WMC, Koch-backed anti-regulation bills (SB15 and AB317)

Statement supporting Sen. Larson's Campaign Integrity Package (SB352-358, SB375)

WDC opposes SB295/AB384, bill backed by Koch and other big business groups to bury regs

WDC opposes AB299, restricting free-speech in the University of Wisconsin System

WDC supports AB137 requiring more judicial donor transparency

Why we need a statewide referendum to help overturn Citizens United (support for AJR53/SJR54)

Why AB153/SB102, the “We Hate Jill Stein” bill, is bad

WDC opposes AB109 on Dane County zoning

WDC testimony on proposed Article V Constitutional Convention (AJR20/SJR19, AJR21/SJR18, AB165/SB107)

Democrat wants to change judicial recusal requirements (Wisconsin Fair Courts Reforms AB132-137)

Wisconsin GOP backs article V convention. No Dems allowed! (AJR20/SJR19, AJR21/SJR18, AB165/SB107)

Wisconsin Legislators Denounce Islamophobia (SJR9)

Dems offer proposal for new redistricting process (SB13/AB44)



Republicans go after local control in Milwaukee (AB723/SB533)

WDC testimony in opposition to creating a legislative office of inspector general (Assembly Bill 382)

Dark day for Wisconsin, but it won’t last (AB387 and AB388)

Statement on Governor Walker signing bill dismantling the GAB (AB388)

Dark day in Madison, sunny dawn in Milwaukee (Final passage - AB387 and AB388)

The mugging of democracy in Wisconsin (Senate passage - AB387 and AB388)

Press conference on proposals to gut Wisconsin's campaign finance laws (Video)

Testimony on Government Accountability Board and Campaign Finance 'Reforms' (Oppose AB387/SB292 and AB388/SB294)

GOP bill guts state campaign finance law (Oppose AB387/SB292)

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign denounces Republican plan to smash the GAB (Oppose AB388/SB294)

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign supports Iowa-model redistricting reform (Support SB58/AB328)

Efforts to curb gerrymandering grow confidence following U.S. Supreme Court ruling (Support SB58)

Leading good government groups in Wisconsin denounce bill to destroy audit bureau

We don’t need more secret campaign money (Oppose AB176)

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Backs Bill to Cloak Campaign Contributions (Oppose AB176)

Testimony on Chapter 11 rewrite, regarding campaign finance

Wisconsin Assemblywoman Introduces Resolution to Overturn Citizens United (Support AJR8/SJR12)

WDC statement regarding Audit Report 14-14: Government Accountability Board

Who funds sponsors of the state Supreme Court bill?