Ending Wealthfare As We Know It

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In Wisconsin, less than 1 percent of the population pays for all the election campaigning by state politicians. After buying the elections, that tiny fraction of our society ends up owning our government. The people who paid for the elections are then rewarded with what amounts to "wealthfare" payments – tax breaks, pork barrel spending, patronage jobs, no-bid contracts for state government work and other special benefits – at our expense. It doesn't have to be this way. We are better than this.

The central aims of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Ending Wealthfare plan are to make candidates more relevant and competitive in elections and give citizens who lack the means to make large campaign contributions a more meaningful voice in elections by making small-dollar donations more valuable. The plan also aims to reduce special interest influence over state government by freeing candidates for state office from reliance on a few wealthy benefactors to fund their campaigns while enabling them to campaign competitively even in the face of outside interest group spending. Click here for a detailed description of the Ending Wealthfare plan.

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Support our Ending Wealthfare plan and help us replace Wisconsin’s big money plutocracy with a small dollar democracy. Thank you for caring about this important issue and for all you do to support good government.

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