Campaign 2018

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Big Money Contributors* to:
Terry Lee, Jr (D) - Assembly District 4

Contributions of $100 or more
January 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018

26 Contributions Found
06/28/2018Crain, JohnGreen Bay, WIRetired$100.00
07/19/2018Foley, BrennanGreen Bay, WICommunications Research$100.00
08/17/2018Goldstein, MarkGreen Bay, WITeacher$100.00
06/29/2018Groy, Hayden DGreen Bay, WIRetired$100.00
06/26/2018Hinkfuss, KathyGreen Bay, WIRetired$100.00
05/04/2018Holubar, SethGreen Bay, WISelf Employed$250.00
06/26/2018Jordan, ConstanceGreen Bay, WICareer Coach$100.00
07/25/2018Langan, RichAshwaubenon, WIRetired$158.09
06/28/2018Maclcheski, MichaelAshwaubenon, WIRetired$100.00
07/03/2018Meyer, Catherine JGreen Bay, WIRetired$100.00

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Total Big Money Contributions: $4,236.89

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PAC and Political Committee Contributors* to:
Terry Lee, Jr (D) - Assembly District 4

January 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018

4 PAC Contributions Found
PACInterest GroupAmount
Assembly Democratic Campaign CommitteePolitical/Ideological$480.73
Democratic Party of Brown CountyPolitical/Ideological$279.50
Friends of Staush GruszynskiPolitical/Ideological$100.00
Wisconsin Progress PACPolitical/Ideological$39.60

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Total PAC Contributions: $899.83

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* Excludes any returned contributions.