Campaign 2018

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Big Money Contributors* to:
Matt Adamczyk (R) - Assembly District 14

Contributions of $100 or more
January 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018

33 Contributions Found
08/08/2018Adamczyk, JeanWauwatosa, WIBusiness Owner$950.00
06/14/2017Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WIWisconsin State Treasurer$250.00
01/16/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$100.00
01/30/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$100.00
02/14/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$200.00
04/05/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$200.00
06/14/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$140.17
06/20/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$484.41
06/25/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$2,500.00
06/26/2018Adamczyk, MattWauwatosa, WICandidate$484.41

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Total Big Money Contributions: $30,502.93

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PAC and Political Committee Contributors* to:
Matt Adamczyk (R) - Assembly District 14

January 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018

9 PAC Contributions Found
PACInterest GroupAmount
Citizens for AugustPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Friends & Neighbors of Robin VosPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Friends of SwearingenPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Realtors Political Action Committee - WisconsinReal Estate$1,000.00
Wisconsin Federation of ChildrenPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Friends of Mary Felzkowski (Czaja)Political/Ideological$500.00
Milwaukee Police Assn PACLabor Unions$500.00
Republican Assembly Campaign CommitteePolitical/Ideological$500.00
Rob Brooks For AssemblyPolitical/Ideological$500.00

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Total PAC Contributions: $7,000.00

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* Excludes any returned contributions.