Campaign 2018

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Big Money Contributors* to:
Ann Groves Lloyd (D) - Assembly District 42

Contributions of $100 or more
January 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018

79 Contributions Found
04/30/2018Bank, JoshNew York, NYUnemployed$250.00
04/01/2018Baron, JeffreyWashington, DCManaging director$100.00
04/26/2018Biddle, CharlesRio, WIRetired$100.00
04/19/2018Breuer, JanePardeeville, WIRetired$100.00
04/13/2018Burke, JackieBeaver Dam, WIRetired$100.00
04/07/2018Buss, DeannSyracuse, NYSyracuse University$100.00
04/23/2018Carlson, KathleenRio, WIRetired$100.00
04/14/2018Considine, DavidBaraboo, WILegislator$100.00
04/09/2018Crowe, KathrynEscondido, CARetired$250.00
04/04/2018Cudaback, BrittMadison, WILegislative aide$150.00

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Total Big Money Contributions: $16,213.62

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PAC and Political Committee Contributors* to:
Ann Groves Lloyd (D) - Assembly District 42

January 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018

8 PAC Contributions Found
PACInterest GroupAmount
Assembly Democratic Campaign CommitteePolitical/Ideological$57,817.44
Democratic Party Columbia CoPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
EMILY's List WisconsinPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Sarah Lloyd for CongressPolitical/Ideological$1,000.00
Friends of Mark SpreitzerPolitical/Ideological$500.00
Friends Of Steve DoylePolitical/Ideological$500.00
Friends of Karen Alexander (Local)Political/Ideological$302.00
Friends of Deb KolstePolitical/Ideological$200.00

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Total PAC Contributions: $62,319.44

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* Excludes any returned contributions.