Campaign 2018

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Big Money Contributors* to:
Dave Considine (D) - Assembly District 81

Contributions of $100 or more
January 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018

35 Contributions Found
12/12/2017Ament, DeriBaraboo, WIRetired$100.00
01/10/2018Anderson, CherylMerrimac, WIRetired$100.00
03/12/2018Anderson, JimSauk City, WIRetired$100.00
12/12/2017Bates, DickBaraboo, WIRetired$100.00
08/13/2018Bauman, JanPortage, WI(Healthy WI DGP/WI Hospitals DGP)$125.00
01/25/2018Bruno, KathleenMerrimac, WINo Employer or Occupation Reported$100.00
11/29/2017Chesney, BarbaraPortage, WIRetired$250.00
08/16/2018Crain, RobertSun Prairie, WI(Alliant Energy PCA/Candidate Choice Conduit)$100.00
08/16/2018Crawford, JonDe Forest, WI(WI Petroleum Mrktrs & C-Store Assoc Conduit)$100.00
08/13/2018Decker, MichaelPortage, WI(Healthy WI DGP/WI Hospitals DGP)$100.00

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Total Big Money Contributions: $6,225.00

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PAC and Political Committee Contributors* to:
Dave Considine (D) - Assembly District 81

January 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018

4 PAC Contributions Found
PACInterest GroupAmount
WEAC PACLabor Unions$1,000.00
Volunteers for AgricultureAgriculture$500.00
Friends of Wisconsin Agri-BusinessAgriculture$250.00
WEAC Region 5 PAC (South Central Education Association)Labor Unions$100.00

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Total PAC Contributions: $1,850.00

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* Excludes any returned contributions.