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Scott Walker (R)


Fall 2014

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PACPro or ConAmount
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Inc.Con$25,000.00
Citizens for Southwest WisconsinPro$1,527.00
Greater Wisconsin Committee PACCon$1,218,467.72
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI Political FundCon$120,001.73
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI, Inc.Con$126,608.77
Progressive Kick Wisconsin IE CommitteeCon$411,000.10
Service Employees International Union COPECon$80,484.99
Volunteers for AgriculturePro$69,858.97
Wisconsin Right to Life PACPro$155.02
Wisconsin Right to Life, O.M.I.D.Pro$544.70

February 3, 2015

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Total Spending: $9,520,939.79
  • Party: "Con" = Constitution "Dem" = Democrat, "Grn" = Green, "Ind" = Independent, "Lib" = Libertarian, "Rep" = Republican
  • Status: "C" = Challenger, "I" = Incumbent, "O" = Open seat
* Only independent expenditures explicitly reported as for or against the candidate are listed above. Spending for or against opponents is not listed. Click on district link for such spending.