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Recall 2012

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PACCandidatePartyStatusPro or ConAmount
AFSCME - Wisconsin Special AccountBarrett, TomDemCPro$743.88
AFSCME - Wisconsin Special AccountWalker, ScottRepICon$743.88
AMA IE (American Majority Action) PACWalker, ScottRepIPro$20,536.56
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Inc.Barrett, TomDemCPro$30,000.00
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Inc.Walker, ScottRepICon$30,000.00
Citizens for Southwest WisconsinWalker, ScottRepIPro$3,134.08
Coalition for American Values CommitteeWalker, ScottRepIPro$400,080.00
Conservative StrikeForce - Wisconsin FundWalker, ScottRepIPro$32,125.00
Defending Wisconsin PACWalker, ScottRepICon$886.00
DFA-WisconsinBarrett, TomDemCPro$10,000.00
DFA-WisconsinWalker, ScottRepICon$10,000.00
DGA Action WisconsinWalker, ScottRepICon$35,928.94
DLCC Wisconsin PACBarrett, TomDemCPro$11,219.13
DLCC Wisconsin PACWalker, ScottRepICon$145.42
Education Action Group, Inc. - Acct 2Walker, ScottRepIPro$1,200.00
Ending Spending Action Fund WisconsinWalker, ScottRepIPro$245,000.00
FreedomWorks for America - WisconsinWalker, ScottRepIPro$50,936.78
Friends of Mark Neumann Inc.Barrett, TomDemCCon$750.00
Friends of Mark Neumann Inc.Walker, ScottRepIPro$750.00
Grassroots North ShoreBarrett, TomDemCPro$50.00
Greater Wisconsin Political Independent Expenditure FundWalker, ScottRepICon$5,376,079.55
Human Rights CampaignBarrett, TomDemCPro$100.00
John LaderBarrett, TomDemCCon$125.00
John LaderWalker, ScottRepIPro$125.00
Moving Wisconsin Forward CommitteeWalker, ScottRepIPro$19,197.32
MTEA PAC Fund (Milwaukee Teachers)Walker, ScottRepICon$465.91
National Rifle Association of AmericaBarrett, TomDemCCon$646,485.70
National Rifle Association of AmericaWalker, ScottRepIPro$153,075.69
NRA Political Victory FundWalker, ScottRepIPro$16,100.23
PCCC Recall CommitteeWalker, ScottRepICon$114,989.66
PCCC Recall Fund IEWalker, ScottRepICon$39,309.70
People for the American WayWalker, ScottRepICon$58,773.53
Planned Parenthood Action FundWalker, ScottRepICon$455.00
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI Political FundBarrett, TomDemCPro$14,969.25
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI Political FundWalker, ScottRepICon$42,938.50
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI, Inc.Barrett, TomDemCPro$68,284.08
Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI, Inc.Walker, ScottRepICon$38,216.48
Rebuild the Dream in WisconsinWalker, ScottRepICon$43,510.78
Republican State Leadership Committee Inc.Walker, ScottRepIPro$3,244.51
Restore Wisconsin's Image and ReputationBarrett, TomDemCPro$10,000.00
Right Direction Wisconsin PAC (RGA Wisconsin)Barrett, TomDemCCon$3,522,977.92
Right Direction Wisconsin PAC (RGA Wisconsin)Falk, KathleenDemCCon$2,035,617.41
Right Direction Wisconsin PAC (RGA Wisconsin)Walker, ScottRepIPro$3,851,412.99
Save WI Deer HuntingBarrett, TomDemCPro$1,474.52
Save WI Deer HuntingWalker, ScottRepICon$1,598.53
Superior Federation of Labor COPEBarrett, TomDemCPro$1,957.65
Superior Federation of Labor COPEWalker, ScottRepICon$529.61
Voces de la Frontera Action CommitteeBarrett, TomDemCPro$38,571.61
Voces de la Frontera Action CommitteeFalk, KathleenDemCPro$3,706.98
Volunteers for AgricultureWalker, ScottRepIPro$15,380.23
We Are Wisconsin Political FundBarrett, TomDemCPro$1,296,122.26
We Are Wisconsin Political FundWalker, ScottRepICon$1,747,164.74
Win WisconsinBarrett, TomDemCPro$487.29
Wisconsin Education Association CouncilBarrett, TomDemCPro$146,583.24
Wisconsin Education Association CouncilFalk, KathleenDemCPro$76,161.12
Wisconsin Education Association CouncilWalker, ScottRepICon$27,991.50
Wisconsin for FalkFalk, KathleenDemCPro$2,237,495.34
Wisconsin for FalkWalker, ScottRepICon$2,237,158.73
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters IE CommitteeWalker, ScottRepICon$48,212.76
Wisconsin Recall Action FundBarrett, TomDemCCon$311,996.45
Wisconsin Recall MovementWalker, ScottRepICon$395.00
Wisconsin Right to Life PACBarrett, TomDemCCon$1,719.36
Wisconsin Right to Life PACWalker, ScottRepIPro$2,917.11
Workers VoiceWalker, ScottRepICon$152,817.95
Working AmericaBarrett, TomDemCPro$10,201.89
Working AmericaWalker, ScottRepICon$7,257.22

May 19, 2017

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Total Spending: $25,308,584.97
  • Party: "Con" = Constitution "Dem" = Democrat, "Grn" = Green, "Ind" = Independent, "Lib" = Libertarian, "Rep" = Republican
  • Status: "C" = Challenger, "I" = Incumbent, "O" = Open seat