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51 Contribution(s) Found
- Total Amount Contributed: $9,320.00

Date Contributed To Contributor Name City, State Zip Employer Interest Category Amount
12/30/1996Adelman, LynnSlota, ThomasGreendale, WI 53129St Michael's Hospital...Health Professionals$100.00
12/30/1996Adelman, LynnSlota, CatherineGreendale, WI 53129Shoreview PediatricsHealth Professionals$50.00
11/01/1996Adelman, LynnLund, MaryBrookfield, WI 53005NurseHealth Professionals$50.00
10/27/1996Adelman, LynnLund, MaryBrookfield, WI 53005NurseHealth Professionals$25.00
10/25/1996Adelman, LynnMerkow, AnnHartland, WI 53029PhysicianHealth Professionals$100.00
10/25/1996Adelman, LynnJolin, KathleenWaukesha, WI 53186PhysicianHealth Professionals$100.00
10/22/1996Adelman, LynnSmith, BernardChicago, IL 60649Affiliated Medical Services...Health Professionals$150.00
10/22/1996Adelman, LynnFinlayson, Edith NRiver Hills, WI 53217PhysicianHealth Professionals$100.00
10/21/1996Adelman, LynnShea, JohnOak Creek, WI 53154DentistHealth Professionals$100.00
10/07/1996Adelman, LynnChristensen, DennisMadison, WI 53715Madison Abortion ClinicHealth Professionals$250.00

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