Action Alert: Don't Waste Our $!

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

Posted: February 13, 2017
Updated: Febraury 16, 2017

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I’m sure you’re as appalled as I am that the Republican leadership in Wisconsin has once again in secret decided to hire two pricey private law firms for appealing the federal district court's ruling on its rigged district maps.

Fitzgerald and Vos contracted with one big Chicago and Washington, D.C.-based law firm that will get minimally $175,000 and a second Wisconsin-based GOP law firm that will make $300 an hour (with no cap). And Brad Schimel is already appealing this decision on your dime, so why spend even more?

Instead of redrawing the maps to meet constitutional muster, the Republican leadership would rather spend your tax dollars fighting the ruling.

We’d like to generate a little heat on the leadership for doing this. So please contact your state senator and state assemblyperson, especially if one of them is a Republican, and tell them that you don’t want them to waste your hard-earned money on outside lawyers and that you want them to get to work drawing fair voting maps, instead.

You also can contact Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald directly:

And Speaker Vos directly:

Keep us posted as to responses you receive, if any.

Thanks for turning up the heat!

WDC Executive Director Matthew Rothschild
Matthew Rothschild
WDC Executive Director

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