Walker Is Kochs’ $5 Million Man

April 21, 2015

Billionaire energy executives Charles and David Koch, who have pledged to spend about $900 million through secretive dark money groups on the 2016 presidential contest, would like Republican Gov. Scott Walker to emerge as the eventual GOP nominee.

The New York Times reported Monday that David Koch told attendees at a New York State Republican Party fundraiser that the Koch family would not back a candidate in the GOP primary, and would support whoever wins the Republican nomination, but that they hoped it would be Walker.

The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity and the Coalition for American Values spent $5.2 million to help Walker win his 2012 recall and 2014 reelection campaigns for governor, according to Wisconsin Democracy Campaign estimates. In addition, Koch Industries Political Action Committee directly contributed $43,000 to help Walker win his 2010 race for governor.

David Koch, who also said his family may personally support the Wisconsin governor if he officially announces his run for president, previously praised Walker in a Florida newspaper in February 2012, calling Walker “courageous” for his successful plan to eliminate public employee collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin in 2011.