Take Action: Stop the Article V Convention!

May 30, 2017


Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31, the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Federalism and Interstate Relations plans to vote on a bill that would authorize an Article V Constitutional Convention for a balanced budget amendment.

This is a foolish and dangerous idea. Foolish, because a balanced budget amendment would tie the hands of government in times of recession, thus turning recessions into depression. Dangerous, because a Constitutional Convention could be a runaway train, and our basic rights would be on the railroad tracks.

So please contact the following Representatives, especially if one of them is yours, and urge them to vote no on AJR 21

Tyler Vorpagel
Phone: 608-266-8530
Email: Rep.Vorpagel@legis.wisconsin.gov

Samantha Kerkman
Phone: 608-266-2530
Email Rep.Kerkman@legis.wisconsin.gov

Jimmy Anderson
Phone: 608-266-8570
Email Rep.Anderson@legis.wisconsin.gov

Michael Schraa
(608) 267-7990

Josh Zepnick
Phone: 608-266-1707
Email: Rep.Zepnick@legis.wisconsin.gov

Rob Hutton
Phone: 608-267-9836
Email: Rep.Hutton@legis.wisconsin.gov

Terry Kastma
Phone (608) 266-0656
Email: Rep.Kastma@legis.wisconsin.gov