Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Supports Iowa-Model Redistricting Reform

September 8, 2015

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign enthusiastically supports the effort by Wisconsin legislators to adopt the so-called Iowa model for drawing Wisconsin’s political maps.

“This model takes the politics out of the process, which is sorely needed in Wisconsin,” says Matt Rothschild, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign endorses Senate Bill 58 and Assembly Bill 328, which authorize the Legislative Reference Bureau to draw Wisconsin’s district maps in an impartial, nonpartisan manner.

“We’ve seen the grave damage that hyper-partisan redistricting does to our democracy,” says Rothschild. “The Republican-dominated legislature in 2012 rigged the maps so that they could bulk up on the number of seats they hold, even though their party wasn’t gaining popular votes. As a result, we don’t have fair representation in our legislature.”

A pending lawsuit against the 2012 redistricting says it was “one of the worst partisan gerrymanders in modern American history.”

“Citizens in Wisconsin need to have confidence that our elections are fair, and that our votes count,” Rothschild said. “Wisconsinites are fed up with all the monkey business in Madison.”

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign applauds the bipartisan support for these bills, as Representative Todd Novak (Assembly District 51) joined with many Democrats in supporting these bills.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a nonpartisan group that is dedicated to clean and open government, where the citizenry — and not money — rules.

Contact Matt Rothschild: (608) 255-4260.