Who’s Still Donating Big Bucks to Walker’s Presidential Support Group?

October 17, 2016

Stack of Fifties

A 527 group created to support Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s short-lived 2016 presidential bid managed to raise more than $160,000 recently, even though Walker bowed out of the national race a year ago.

A third quarter fundraising and spending report filed by the group, Our American Revival, with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service showed it raised about $164,300 and spent about $142,100. The organization continues to raise money in order to pay off bills in connection with Walker’s 10-week run for the GOP presidential nomination in mid-2015.

Our American Revival’s largest contributors between July 1 and September 30 were:

  • $100,000 from Access Industries, New York City. Access is a multinational industrial conglomerate with interests in real estate, natural resources, technology and chemicals, among other things. The company was founded in the mid-1980s by Russian-born investor Leonard Blavatnik. In addition to its latest contribution, the company also contributed $250,000 in April 2015 to Our American Revival. Ironically, the only history of contributions to Wisconsin legislative or statewide candidates by company employees was a $5,000 donation in May 2014 by Blavatnik to Mary Burke, a Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Walker’s 2014 reelection for governor.
  • $25,000 from Jay Jensen, of Madison, owner of Clasen Quality Coatings, which makes chocolate and other confectionary coatings. In addition to his latest contribution, Jensen also contributed $10,000 to Our American Revival last November. Since January 2010, Jensen and his wife, Holly, have contributed about $33,300 to Wisconsin legislative and statewide candidates, including $28,000 to Walker and $2,500 to GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.
  • $25,000 from Elissa Czuker, a Beverly Hills, Calif., homemaker whose husband, Edward, is chairman of his family-owned Legado Companies, a real estate developer. In addition to her latest contribution, Elissa Czuker also gave $25,000 to Our American Revival in April 2015. Elissa Czuker has not made contributions to Wisconsin legislative or statewide candidates, but Edward has made two contributions totaling $10,000 to Walker since January 2010. Since January 2012, Elissa Czuker has made more than $215,000 in contributions to federal Republican committees and candidates.
  • $10,000 from GOPAC, Arlington, Va. This is a 527 organization, which can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money from wealthy individuals, corporations and special interest trade organizations and ideological groups in order to train and elect Republicans to federal, state and local offices.