Special Reports

In-depth studies that examine the relationship between money and public policy.

Votes on local control show special interests, party loyalty outweigh community
September 26, 2016

10 wins to celebrate on July 4 in Wisconsin
June 27, 2016

Walker's Worst 100: A Chronicle of the Assault on Democracy in Wisconsin
April 26, 2016

Special Interest Smorgasbord, Part 2: Still Feeding the Appetite of Wealthy Special Interests
October 22, 2014

Special Interest Smorgasbord: A Report on the Favors for Special Interests Approved by the Legislature and the Governor in 2011 and 2012
May 21, 2012

Justice for Just Us: How Special Interests Deceived The Public In The 2007 And 2008 Wisconsin Supreme Court Races
August 20, 2008

Capitol Mercenaries: Big Special Interest Donors Aren’t Choosy Which Side They’re On, As Long As They’re Well Compensated
July 15, 2008

Democratic Renewal: A Call to Action from America’s Heartland
January 14, 2008

Gagging Democracy: How Local Voices Are Silenced by Wealthy Contributors
August 4, 2005

Graft Tax 2005: Playing Peter to Pay Paul
May 25, 2005

Serving the Have-Mores
March 16, 2005

WDC’s Third Annual Nero Awards
October 19, 2004

Tax Code Two-Step: How Elite Wisconsin Donors Are Dancing Around the Federal Soft Money Ban
July 6, 2004

From Sunlight to Darkness: The Demise of Campaign Finance Disclosure in Wisconsin
April 5, 2004

Class War Chests
January 26, 2004

Cash and Carry: How Not-So-Concealed Cash Carries the Day at the Capitol
November 3, 2003

“Buy-Partisan” Politics in Wisconsin
October 1, 2003

Still Fiddling While the Dome Burns: WDC’s 2003 Nero Awards
September 10, 2003

Graft Tax (Part 2)
March 19, 2003

The Graft Tax: How Campaign Contributions Broke Wisconsin’s Budget and Picked the Taxpayer’s Pocket
January 13, 2003

Fiddling While the Dome Burns: WDC’s 2002 Nero Awards
June 4, 2002

"Hey, Bidder, Bidder. . . The Sequel"
April 22, 2002

Gouging Democracy in Wisconsin
February 7, 2002

A Buck Well Spent
January 7, 2002

Hey, Bidder, Bidder: Budget on the Auction Block
September 24, 2001

Who’s Courting the Sweet Sixteen?
April 23, 2001

Playing the Public Policy Market in Wisconsin
January 17, 2001

Legal Laundering -- Part II
October 17, 2000

Modern Carpetbaggers
March 27, 2000

Legal Laundering
November 18, 1999

Money Flowing to Power
September 7, 1999

Road Builders Contribute More Than $600,000 to Governor, Legislative Candidates
June 3, 1999

Institutional Bias:  A Report Examining the Politics of Long Term Care
May 29, 1999

Special Interest Contributions to Members of the Joint Finance Committee
April 27, 1999

Realtors Do More Than Just Buy and Sell Houses in Wisconsin.
April 13, 1998

Road Builders Draw Map of Political Influence
July 7, 1997