Hijacking Campaign 2018

Republican State Leadership Committee

Posted: January 8, 2018
Updated: October 19, 2018


This is a Virginia-based group that supports Republican and conservative candidates for statewide office and the legislature in Wisconsin and around the country. Since January 2010, the group spent nearly $2.9 million on independent expenditures and phony issue ads in Wisconsin elections.

Fall Election

In mid-October, the committee sponsored a 30-second television ad and a 30-second radio ad that claimed Democratic Sen. Caleb Frostman, of Sturgeon Bay, supports a single-payer health care system that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars.  The group also sponsored a 30-second radio ad that accused Frostman of favoring numerous tax increases.  Frostman faces Republican Rep. Andre Jacque, of De Pere, to keep his 1st Senate District seat.

In early October, the group sponsored two 30-second radio ads - here and here - that claimed Democrat Lee Snodgrass, of Appleton, would raise taxes and the cost of health care if elected.  Snodgrass is challenging GOP Sen. Roger Roth, of Appleton, for his 19th Senate District seat.

In September, the committee sponsored radio and online ads - here and here - accusing Democratic Sen. Janet Bewley, of Mason, of being too liberal for her constituents on immigration, gun, and tax policies.  Bewley faces a challenge from Republican James Bolen, of Cable, to keep her 25th Senate District seat.

Special Election

Less than two weeks before a January 16 special election to fill the vacant 10th Senate District seat, the group sponsored a 60-second radio ad that accused Patty Schachtner, the Democratic candidate in the race, of wasteful spending and supporting higher taxes as St. Croix County medical examiner and a Somerset School Board member.  The group also sponsored a mailing that accused Schachtner of not paying her bills.

Schachtner ultimately defeated Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow, of Balsam Lake, for the seat.

Last active election: 2016