Green Bay CBS Affiliate Becomes Second Wisconsin Station to Agree to Air Nightly Candidate Issue Forums

WFRV Commits to 5-Minute Standard for TV Election Coverage

September 29, 2000

Madison - WFRV-TV Channel 5, the CBS affiliate in Green Bay, has committed to air five minutes of political candidates discussing issues every night in the month before Wisconsin’s November 7 general election, the Alliance for Better Campaigns-Wisconsin reported today.

WFRV becomes the second Wisconsin television station to commit to the national standard the Alliance is promoting. The standard - dubbed "5/30" for five minutes of "candidate-centered discourse" nightly in the 30 days before an election - originated in the recommendations of a White House advisory panel that included broadcasters and was co-chaired by the president of CBS.

Earlier this month, WISN-TV Channel 12 in Milwaukee became the first station in the state to agree to the five-minute standard.

"Congratulations to WFRV for taking an important step toward creating a new kind of political campaign on television - a contest of ideas rather than money and ads," said Wisconsin Democracy Campaign executive director Mike McCabe, who serves as state project director for the Alliance for Better Campaigns-Wisconsin.

With the commitment by WFRV and 16 other CBS-owned stations around the country, a total of 60 stations nationwide have now indicated they will try to meet the standard this fall.

McCabe called on other Wisconsin stations to follow the lead of WISN and WFRV.

"If they can do it, why can’t the others?" he asked.